Wellness during your stay in Corsica

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The 12 m x 6 m pool

An invitation to relax... An oasis of well-being surrounded by lush and exotic vegetation... A view of the mountains and the sea, deckchairs with mattresses for your comfort, parasols to protect you, chill-out music to relax you!

An elegantly decorated area with deckchairs

Come and relax by our huge swimming pool of 12 m x 6 m, heated to 27 degrees from mid-April to mid-November (except July/August). An outdoor shower, sanitary facilities and an indoor shower are available for free access. You will find at your arrival in your accommodation, beach towels at your disposal.

Time to relax in Cargés


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The sports club is open from 7am to 8pm

Pamper your body and mind! Whether you want to relax or keep fit during your stay, we have you covered!

Discover our top of the range equipment:

Wooden rowing machine with water resistance: The water resistance reproduces the dynamics of rowing thanks to its water-filled tank and its thermoformed blade like a paddle. The faster you row, the greater the resistance! The water rower is ideal for keeping you in shape.

Combined strength training and cardio: repetition of movements with a variable load in short, high-intensity intervals. It improves the movement of the body as a whole.

-Wooden treadmill without motor: This device helps to develop a better running technique thanks to its curved shape. It improves back posture and the natural way of running. Driven by leg power alone, it has no speed limit and allows for split training. Also ideal for walking!

-Wooden exercise bike: This machine allows a fluid and balanced pedalling, without friction or jerks. Fully adjustable, you can set the desired resistance very precisely. It has a unique resistance with innovative technology thanks to the unique combination of a mechanical transmission by epicycloidal train with a magnetic braking system by eddy current.

Private coaching and tailor-made training

Enjoy a personalised sports session in our Sports Club or outdoors with your private coach, who will adapt to your rhythm and expectations, guaranteeing you a suitable programme in an exceptional environment.

Your qualified coach will help you to progress by making the right gestures and postures.

Several activities are possible such as Yoga, Pilate, Training or Bodybuilding.

Prices depend on the activity requested and the number of people. Please ask at the Reception.

To book your private coaching, please contact us at or by email at contact@residence-omigna.com


Let yourself be transported between relaxation and harmony thanks to the voluptuousness of an oil massage or the benefits of a traditional treatment ritual with its slow and regular rhythm. All massages will be performed in your home, on your terrace, in complete privacy.

Immortelle : Beauty and Health virtues !

Corsican immortelle essential oil has a high content of italidione, an aromatic molecule known for its ability to promote skin cell renewal and therefore allows better repair and protection against the effects of time

This beneficial plant is endemic to Corsica and its flowers, small yellow pompons, never wither even after being cut, and their scent is reminiscent of Corsican scrub, spices and curry.

The very precious active ingredient of Immortelle is diluted in the form of oils or creams that can be used to fight against wrinkles, to promote the healing of wounds, to reduce haematomas or bruises, to fight against couperose or to improve the blood circulation of the whole body.

Our different massage techniques:

- The Classic Wellness
- With Immortelle oil from Corsica
- The Ayurvedic
- The Balinese
- The Bamboo
- The Lomi-Lomi
- The Deep Tissue
- The Relaxing Slimming

Price: 95€ per person for 1 hour / 140€ per person for 1h30

To book your Well-Being moment, contact us at or by email at contact@residence-omigna.com

Important information!

Our pool area is closed for the winter period.

Vous pourrez profiter de la piscine chauffée et des transats dès le mois de Mai.

Réservez vite votre séjour !!!

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